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He began his professional career as a clerk, and during his clerkship he had two lovers before Bertha, both women who loved him deeply but who were uninterested in sex.

He felt that they were robbing him of his masculinity (they had "nearly taken all the balls out of me").

She asks if he really loves her, and he responds as he did earlier in the novel: he loves her "womanness." In his long discourse on his sexual history and his theory of sexuality, Mellors reveals himself for the first time to the reader.The novel scandalized some; a prosecution lawyer infamously asked in court whether it was "a book that you would ... " Hutchinson felt that attitude was out of touch with an increasingly liberal and egalitarian society, and the jury proved him right.Hutchinson had fought to have as many female jurors as possible because, he later said, "women are so much more sensible about sex." He went on to fight in court on behalf of the erotic novel "Fanny Hill," the explicit movie "Last Tango in Paris" and the academic book "The Mouth and Oral Sex." In 1982 he defended the director of the play "The Romans In Britain" in a prosecution for gross indecency.But she began to assert herself too aggressively, holding out when he wanted sex, refusing to have orgasms with him, seizing sexual control.They began to sleep separately, and to hate each other.

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27, 1960, a queue forms outside The Old Bailey Central Criminal Court, in London, for admission to the public gallery where the 'Lady Chatterley's Lover' case is resuming.

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